Please find below the notes from my dance classes. If you have any questions or if anything isn't clear then please do get in touch.

CDC - Autumn (Michaelmas) 2022


Information about the Beginners Classes

Beginners Notes - Cha Cha

Beginners Notes - Quickstep

Beginners Notes - Jive

Beginners Notes - Waltz


Information about the Workshops

Workshop Notes - Cha Cha

Workshop Notes - Quickstep

Workshop Notes - Rumba

Workshop Notes - Waltz

Workshop Notes - Jive

I want to be a better dancer

Here's the current draft of my ideas about how one can become a better dancer. This is an early draft and is likely to change. Please contact me if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

I want to be a better dancer - 11th Oct 2022

And here's the list of figure names for the dances. The list of figure names is not comprehensive, there are many more figures in each dance.

Figure Names - Cha Cha

Figure Names - Quickstep

Figure Names - Jive

Figure Names - Rumba

Figure Names - Waltz