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Change of plans

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I have changed my plans quite considerably since coming to Africa. This entire adventure has been borne out of a lot of changes of plans. And this one is certainly a change for the better. 🙂

While walking through the villages of Rwanda (just outside of Muhanga) with my guide and translator, I was thinking about how much I loved Rwanda. And about how much I like what Azizi Life do there and how much I’d like to be able to help. I was thinking about coming back to Rwanda. And it occurred to me that I don’t need to wait very long before coming back. I need to be in Uganda until the end of October. I need to be in Cape Town for the 20th of December. But I don’t need to travel overland from one to the other, I could come back into Rwanda.

So I changed my plans for the last few days in Rwanda and went back to Kigali rather than going north to the Volcanoes national park. I spent the time in Rwanda trying to sort out a volunteering placement for 7 weeks in November and December.

I have a magnificent Plan B – which is to volunteer with Azizi Life back in Muhanga. Plan A is to try to get a placement with someone like Save the Children, UNICEF, the World Food Programme, etc. At the time of writing I am still trying to secure a Plan A position. But I will be very, very happy with Plan B if I can’t. (If anyone is reading this and it’s still October 2016 and you know anyone who works in one of these organisations in Rwanda who might be able to help me, then please do get in touch!)

The overland travel (including the trains and Kilimanjaro) will just have to wait till next time I come to Africa. 🙂

A Change of Direction

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

I had moments during both my first and second placements when I was stressed and unhappy. One of the things that helped make me feel better was to surf the net looking for jobs in humanitarian work (development and relief) abroad. A desire to get into this field had been part of my motivation for doing my teaching degree in the first place.

A good friend of mine asked me if I spent any of my time whilst in Sri Lanka and India surfing the net for classroom teaching jobs in the UK. I said no. He asked whether I thought that told me anything. It did.

I love teaching. I love teaching maths. I love the UK. But I love travelling and teaching in the developing world more. I know that working with kids in UK classrooms makes a difference. But working with kids and teachers in other places makes more of a difference. I know that the volunteering work I do already is valuable. But I also feel that I could do more. And spending a second year in Scotland doing my probation year would not get me closer to the sort of work I ultimately want to be doing.

I went to a course run by RedRUK in London about becoming a relief worker. I realised that this is the direction I want to head in. Finishing my PGDE was an essential stepping stone in that process. Trying to get a job in the field or getting more volunteering experience in the field was next on the list.

I am notoriously fickle. So we shall see which direction(s) I end up moving in. But for now the goal is relief work with an education focus. We shall see where the wind blows me.