The rainy season is due to start in Rwanda in mid-September. There hasn’t been any rain since April. This has been the longest dry season in living memory. It was lovely and hot and dry this morning when I left the house. But this afternoon, while sitting in a lovely coffee shop in a lovely bookshop with a lovely view of Kigali writing blog posts about my morning at the Genocide Memorial the rainy season started.

All of the rain in the world has thrown itself against the windows. Black clouds have blown past obscuring the distant hills. The sun set at some point. I can hear myself think again and I can see the lights of the buildings on the hill opposite so the worst of this deluge may have just passed. Though the tinkling on the tin roof and the distant rumbles of thunder make me think this may just be a temporary reprieve.

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  1. Sam says:

    Its rainy season here too!

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