The Start of My African Adventure

I’ve started my African trip. I’ve left London. I finished work. I moved out of my flat. My African rucksack on my back and my London rucksack in my arms – I managed to get from Stepney Green in east London to Bounds Green in north London carrying everything I own in the world. The London rucksack is staying in a friend’s spare room till I return.

I have two weeks in Rwanda then about 6 weeks in Uganda. From the end of October to the 20th of December I have to make my way from Uganda down to Cape Town. So I’ll probably travel through Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa. The exact route is undecided as it is likely to change as soon as I decide anything. But there are a few trains I’m hoping to get. And I’m hoping to climb Kilimanjaro and see the Victoria Falls on my way. Once in Cape Town, I’m meeting a friend for Christmas and New Year.

I’m currently due back in London on the 12th of January. But I’m not sure how long I’ll stay when I get back. It may simply be long enough to collect my bag and move somewhere else. Whether that is Cambridge, Edinburgh, Europe, Asia, Africa, or somewhere else entirely I don’t yet know. But I have a lot of time on trains to make (and change) some plans.

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