The EU Referendum – Part 4 – Why I want to remain

Why am I voting to remain a part of the EU?

I am a human being. I am a global citizen. I see other people and I think of them as being the same as me. I see differences of race, religion, gender, eye colour, hair colour, etc. But I don’t see these differences as being important.

The UK as part of the EU is a step closer to removing national borders. To working towards a world in which all people have the same access to opportunity regardless of the colour of the passport or the name of the town in which they were born. If someone from Romania wants to come to London to look for work to make their life better they should be just as welcome as someone from York coming to London to do the same thing. If it really is the case that people from the EU are coming to the UK to drain our health service (which I don’t believe) then I would welcome them, because all people should have access to good healthcare regardless of who they are. And if we can’t improve their health system, the least we can do is offer them the use of ours.

Most of the big problems we currently face are global problems (peace, development, the environment) and I believe it is only through global solutions that we’ll be able to make things better. Working as part of the EU is a step closer to working towards global solutions.

I don’t believe the EU is any less democratic or any more bureaucratic than the UK. And even if it is, the way to solve that is to work within the system to change it, rather than to leave.

I want to live in a more globalised world where people are valued because they are people. So I am voting to remain.

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  1. Calum Grant says:

    I’m voting Remain because the UK benefits hugely from being a part of the EU, and would have very little to gain, and very much to lose by not being a part of it any more.

    The EU is a much more moral trading partner than any of these so-called “alternatives” (like Russia and China). Any trade agreement with anyone would bind us in many different ways, and I do not see this as losing sovereignty. We are just agreeing on trading terms.

    Cutting off trade with almost all of our neighbours is simply idiocy. This will not give us more favourable trading terms. We will simply lose the trade, which can’t be clawed back via Russia or China. Furthermore, the EU will be keen to punish any exiters, so they will make sure that we get really bad trading terms, and we will be completely unable to shape the direction of Europe in the future.

    If we think that staying in the EU is an administrative headache, just wait until we leave it. I want to be part of a strongly regulated market as this is great for consumers and therefore the economy overall.

    I suspect that the main reason people want to leave is because they don’t want too many immigrants. Aside from the fact that Britain has already benefitted greatly from immigration recently, we have a moral duty to help people who are literally dying.

  2. Sam says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  3. Bharavi says:

    The subject is not relevant to me But your thought in part4 is very much relevant to me and also to every person who thinks as human– Bharavi

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