Who I am

I’m Kath McGuire. I’m a teacher. An educator. A traveller. A volunteer. A business analyst. A writer. A reader. A dancer.

I spent 2009 in Sri Lanka volunteering with VESL teaching English. I spent the first half of 2010 back in the UK doing some maths teaching and working as a spreadsheet/database monkey to earn enough money to head south again to do more voluntary English teaching in Sri Lanka.

In mid 2010 I headed off to Sri Lanka, this time, overland. Via Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Nepal and India. I went back to the UK in the middle of 2011 to do my teacher training at Edinburgh University. 2012 saw me back in Asia: India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, with some time in Australia en route. I was back in the UK for Easter Revision maths teaching in early 2013 and back in India shortly thereafter. From August to November 2013 I was back in the UK working in London (more fun with spreadsheets and databases). December 2013 was Australia. January to May 2014 was also London.

I am incredibly lucky! I have no house, but many, many homes. I have a very large, disparate family (many of whom are not even related to me). I have friends all over the globe. I travel. I work. I volunteer. I live my life as fully as I know how. And these pages are some of my stories.

I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

2 Responses to “Who I am”

  1. johny jement says:

    it is nice thing.I think that actually u dont know, who are u.thatswhy u merely talking about ur travellings.

  2. Karen Y says:

    Wow Kath, I’ve only read a fraction of your blog and am blown way …

    You’re a person of principle and integrity… Looking forward to following your travels.

    Karen X

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